Its been a while since my last update as we are currently busy with constant upgrades to Astervox Cloud infrastructure to support the growth we experience in the last few month. Well there have been a lot of things happening so here the latest news and updates from our product range as well some info on my upcoming posts.
Grandstream Logo

Grandstream New Logo & New Website

Grandstream has updated its Logo as well its Internet Website.

GXP1628 Enterprise IP Phone

The GXP1628 is the latest IP Phone from Grandstream, it is also the first IP-Phone in the lower price class to feature Gigabit Ethernet Ports., furthermore it features backlight LCD and free programmable BLF Buttons on top of the standard features of teh 16XX range.

Configure Avaya 9 Series IP Phones with Asterisk

Coming Soon: A step by step guide how to connect Avaya 9 Series IP-Phones with Asterisk IP-PBX. The guide will have Working config files and even the SIP firmware. So if you pay too much for your avaya phone system but have lot of phones here is your chance to upgrade your system to Asterisk.

Coming Soon: Connect Alcatel Lucent 4018 IP Phone with Asterisk

A guide how to connect Alcatel Lucent IP-Touch IP-Phones with Asterisk including working configuration examples and firmware as part of my Tech Corner – Share the Knowledge series.



We released a new line of Enterprise Firewalls based on the rock solid pfSense distribution. Pangolino range of Firewalls are a great Firewall / Router and works with all Malaysian ISP’s. The Professional Range comes with Hardware Monitoring Service!