Are you a Genius?

Lately all this “Are you a Genius” posts are on linkedIn. a simple mathematical riddle for a 5 year old that is just a waster of peoples time (sorry for the rant)

So Today i thought of sharing something scientific as well something that geniuses are talking about. This Video talks about String Theory and describes the Thesis that the Singer and Producer of this Video Thimoty Blais has released. the video is called Bohemian Gravity. Who said science cant be fun!

by the way if you are interested in his Thesis you can read it here: A new quantization condition for parity-violating three-dimensional gravity


So what is Thimothy actually talking about this is just one of the equasions he talks about:


This is the single most important equation in (first quantized bosonic) string theory is the N-point scattering amplitude. This treats the incoming and outgoing strings as points, which in string theory are tachyons, with momentum ki which connect to a string world surface at the surface points zi. It is given by the following functional integral which integrates (sums) over all possible embeddings of this 2D surface in 26 dimensions

Polchinski, Joseph. String Theory: Volume I. Cambridge University Press, p. 173.

taken from: