I was quiet for a long time on my blog and that was mainly due to be down with Dengue fever. This was the first time i had dengue fever (in my 12 years in Malaysia) and it is spreading like an epidemic currently.

In my condo there have been lot of reports and cases even with all the fogging and other efforts going on, it does not help having a large construction site next door of course.


So how did i know i had Dengue Fever?

Here a illustration (original source of picture: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dengue_fever)



i was only confirmed after a blood test what you should go and do immediately if you have any of those symptoms (in combination of course)  if you only have a headache get some Panadols 🙂

well after my platelets count went down they admitted me to hospital (i went myself to Sungai buloh Hospital  for the blood test and they admitted me directly there as my platelets count was less than 50).

i paid RM 50.– for admission and that was it. i was 3 days in hospital in a 4 bedroom room. with top notch medical care around the clock (IV, medication, doctor visits and all) and it was a pleasant experience (as much as a hospital visit can be).

i want to thank the Sungai Buloh Hospital and Malaysia for providing such great Care absolutely Free of charge. its amazing. I am happy to be in Malaysia. By the way even the car park was FREE 🙂

if you like to know more about Dengue please read the publications from the Ministry of Health: READ ME

i am on the way to recovery and i wish everyone who has dengue the same a speedy recovery!



dengue post image source: http://coffeeticks.my/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/qweq33.jpg