I stumbled over this video that is already a bit older (2011) but it really fascinated me and drew me in… to be honest this few minutes watching this video have been the most peaceful minutes i had in a while.

its fascinating how 4 strings, a talent and a song that is one of the best musical pieces ever written (based on my personal view and opinions are welcome)  can capture the crow and  create this composed and nonbelligerent atmosphere in the TED studio

The 4 Strings, the unlikely one, the Ukulele.

The Artist, the talent and the passion Mr Jake Shimabukuro

The Song, the legend, the mistery: Bohemian Rhapsody

well what has that to do with business? when did you experienced the last time a moment where you just forget everything that is around you and just enjoy the moment? i have to say i was more productive after watching it as it gave me this inner calmness that should remind us whatever we do don’t forget to have a moment for yourself and enjoy that peace can be created with an Ukulele….



for comparison here the original