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Polycom produces decent ip phones for conference rooms, so far the only issue was if you catch a phone with an older firmware they take ages to boot and are just a pain in the neck when it comes to configuration.


I Truly liked the old logo better….


Upgrading the firmware is another task that has had many engineers sweating (especially when you have only one or two units of those in use). If you look at the description to upgrade the firmware you get confronted with TFTP (Trivial File Transport Protocol) Server  and adding options to your DHCP server (in Polycoms case Option 160 has to point to the TFTP server) confused?

well of course standard routers do not provide the possibility to even add options to the dhcp server so you would have to download a lot of other things and i will be tough, especially for noobs and first timer.

Same happen to me and it took me a while to get the setup right and going but if you formatted your Polycom (yes you can do that from the menu) then it becomes tough. Luckily polycom provides a solution that is so easy i cursed over all the hours spend on figuring it out 🙂


so how do you do it?

just go over to this website:

follow the simple guide (add the server address during the bootup settings) and about 30 minutes later you have a shiny new firmware on your phone… awesome.

good luck (i take no responsibility for failed upgrades,but  i do accept a drink for saving you valuable time 🙂





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