A Nifty Tool for the Power User


Have you ever heard of the Synergy-Project?

neither did i until i stumbled over it only yesterday and already i am a FAN. But what does this little tool for you.

i have multiple screens on my desk and have even a keyboard and mouse switcher but sometimes that doesn’t do it because i use multiple screens on different machines with different Operating systems. Synergy a small toll that runs in the background allows me to use my keyboard and mouse without a KVM switch seamlessly whilst moving my mouse form screen to screen. It does it via network (encryption is available, just needs to be added during the client setup)

Setup you main machine as the server and any other machine as the client and you can immediately use it and hey it works awesome! and the best part its completely free. (they ask for a donation only) well i donated because its a great tool and then you get premier access.




image credits: http://synergy-project.org



check it out and download synergy here: http://synergy-project.org/


Share your mouse and keyboard between multiple computers on your desk.

  • Simply move your mouse to any computer and start typing.
  • Supported on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and Apple iOS.
  • Share your clipboard (copy and paste) between your computers.
  • Drag and drop files from one computer to another.
  • Encryption keeps sensitive data safe on public networks.
  • Save space on your desktop by using one keyboard and mouse.
  • Network-based (IP) software KVM switch, minus the video.
  • Seamlessly share your mouse and keyboard with two or more computers.
  • Only a local network connection is needed (no extra cables or hardware).
  • An alternative to a keyboard/mouse USB switch.
  • Used by gamers for multiboxing (WoW and other MMORPGs).
  • Easily turn your old laptop or desktop PC into a second screen.
  • Avoid needing VNC for computers close by (like a media center).
  • Make use of your Raspberry Pi on your desktop.
  • Synergy is free and open source, and always will be!


please share and spread the word!!!!