Synology package sources list & uptime monitor

For all Synology / XPEnology users here a list i put together with all ad-don package sources i found so far or have been submitted to me. In addition i monitor the website / package source it the server is up or down, since its only a ping and not any additional information i cant guarantee that the site is up and running even the ping is returning and ok value.


To add your add-on synology package sources is very easy and can enrich your Synology or XPenology NAS with lots of new software and features. Adding packages is very easy here a simple 4 step guide:



1. open Package Center

2. Click Settings

3. Click Package Sources

4 Add new Package Sources


To go to Synomon site click this button or visit

Synomon Website

please if you have any more sites & sources to add please update me and i will of course add them, furthermore i can add the package list for each sources in future.

have a great day!




Synology is a trademark of Synology Inc.

XPEnology is a port of the Synology user interface and can be installed on any PC hardware (Synomon Website is created using StatusPage by Nerdbaggy (Spencer Lowe)