When it comes to Slideshows, there is always a dilemma, putting too much text makes people quickly loose focus and you need all your wit and talent to get the audience back. You may know your product or numbers for a sales respectively a business profile slideshow. Then you want to make it look nice and add some quickly googled pictures in that either have no transparent background or because of the diversity your presentations does not seems streamlined.

you can increase the participants or audience capabilities of taking in your content

i want to share with all of you a few simple trick to make your slides look great as well provide a consistent look and feel to it. You dont need to be a designer or photoshop expert to do so at all. With this few tricks you will already be able to create some great looking slides!


to start we have to download 2 Fonts that will help us to achieve that.

FontAwesome  (a zip file containing the awesome FontAwesome Font that we can install for free (under MIT license granting you to use this font in your publications)

MapGlyphs  (a zip file containingn the free version of the MapGlyph Font, this one is differently licensed and needs attribution inside your project somewhere (last page and their preffered one is:  “Map Icons by MapGlyphs.com”

after you have downloaded both files unpack them and double click the file ending with TTF (True type Font File) this will automatically open the Fonts window (it will show you the font but without icons that is normal, just click install) and add the font to your font collection in Windows (if you have a Mac then drag and drop the fonts on the font book) both font will be after that immediately available in all your programs.


Open powerpoint and create a new slideshow:

-> create a textbox -> add Symbol (your Symbol Library will show) and choose FontAwesome as your font.



-> choose the icon of your liking, or the one that fits your content (in my example i add puzzle piece) and click insert. The symbol will now be as a text in your slideshow inside your textbox. But why is that so cool, since its a font / text we can change size and color without loosing quality on the icon.-




–> lets change the size and



color of the symbol, add a background and a quote  (i added also a shadow, i used a preset that creates an internal shadow to give it depth and added a white outline to the text for a dash of elegance.





and you should get a pretty neat result without ever leaving your slideshow presentation.




The Same goes for MapGlyphs, there you insert as the name says maps, they have all countries as well some globes, world maps and even states (currently USA only) so lets do a nice example some statistics of Malaysia





if you like to have my original powerpoint example for this 2 slides for yourself to test please let me know and i will send it to you. as well if you have any questions, suggestions please leave a comment.