Grandstream just released its new line of business phones the GXP2140 and the GXP2160 (with BLF Sidecar) both phones come with Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth, USB (for WIFI Dongle) and Color TFT Screen for an absolute amazing Prize. I am currently testing both Models thoroughly and i am pleasantly surprised as they do not feel cheap to the touch, come with a good weight and are a nicely built, designed quality phone with add-on business features like  web services (Exchange Rate, Weather, Stock Information), XML Apps, LDAP and more features.

currently the release Firmware does for sure not enable all the possibilities and features,  there will be some good things to come and Grandstream again proves that they are the top manufacturer in their segment.


of course the whole line of Grandstream products are fully integrated with astervox as well we are working to provide additional features and tighter integration with all the phones.

we are working on a introduction price for the new models for our astervox subscribers… don’t miss it!

more info on the phones: