Grandstream are excellent phones if you look for secure and enterprise ready IP-Phones for your environment. Of course a phone that provides many features needs sometimes some extra or addon configuration to behave as expected.

For Example: To log into a Queue with Asterisk you dial:  <queue_number>*  if the queue number is 1000 then you would Dial 1000* to log into the queue, to log out of the queue its <queue_number>**

The Grandstream Phones are using a dial plan inside the phones that can interfere with this and you would be unable to login and logout of queues, to overcome  this issues is pretty simple please follow these steps:

Step 1: Login to Phone and and go to the Account – Call Setting Page (if you have multiple account configured you need to repeat all these steps for each account)



Step 2: Identify the configuration that needs to be changed


Here you can clearly see that the IP-Phone is using a Dial Plan, this dial plan does not allow us to dial <queue_number>* so we need to add this dial plan manually.

Step 3: The Solution

First we have to add the new dial plan to the existing one, this is fairly simple.

Dial Plan Rules:
1. Accepted Digits: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 , *, #, A,a,B,b,C,c,D,d
2. Grammar: x – any digit from 0-9;
a) xx+ – at least 2 digit numbers
b) xx. – only 2 digit numbers
c) ^ – exclude
d) [3-5] – any digit of 3, 4, or 5
e) [147] – any digit of 1, 4, or 7
f) <2=011> – replace digit 2 with 011 when dialing
g) | – the OR operand

For our Example we work with 4 Digit Queue Numbers (1000) and we have to allow the * (asterisk) key to be pressed after the 4 digits have been keyed in. There are multiple ways to achieve this goal i will only show 2 and explain them.

Since our Queue is 1000 we need to configure the dial plan as such: xxxx* (static) or x+* (dynamic) in case we have other other queues with more or less than 4 digits. the 4 x would be 4 single digits between 0-9 followed by an asterisk/star key. the Dynamic one translates into: at least one digit or more single digits between 0-9 followed by the asterisk / star key.

Attention: to log out of the queue we need to add of course the same dial plan with an additional asterisk / star key like this:  xxxx** (static) or x+** (dynamic)

to add it into the dial plan we go to the last digit before the } symbol and add a pipe (the or operand) | followed by the dial plan) so the full string would look like this:x+*|x+** please make sure you that the whole string is between  { } symbols.

in addition i recommend to disable the call features on the phone so you can centrally administer them from your PBX. (this can safe you a lot of time running around)



please do comment and if you have any queries do contact me.