I just got the new GXP2140 again today and with the new firmware your not just able to sync your mobile phones but you can also change the logos and wallpaper. I looked around and did not find the sizes that the images need to be and after i finally found tehm i see that lot of people had issues with adjusting the logo correctly.

i took the time and prepared to templates in photoshop with this templates you can easily add / remove your logo, change the backdrop and never have to worry that your logo or your wallpaper will not fit with the grandstream phones, with teh generator they always do!



Custom wallpaper and logo in a GXP 2140. you can add youer own logo and custom wallpaper and have multiple designs in minutes.


wallpaper3  wallpaper


these files are free to use and created by Marco Di Cerbo – astervox sdn bhd / dottoremoe.com these files are under Creative Common License.


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