Well this are the news we like to hear, not that i have anything against Cisco, great stuff, but what a waste of money (yes, you are allowed to quote me here…).  I am still amazed on how companies overspend on “Branded” hardware that will put a strain on there yearly budget without adding any additional value. Please don’t get me wrong, Cisco produces good and solid hardware and there is in certain places a need for such devices, but when it comes to telephony then i would say No there is no need at all. ( i will elaborate more in future blog posts about this topic)

well we had our Field trip on Friday and went to install an on premise asterisk solution connected to the astervox cloud providing inbound and outbound channels and phone numbers as well Grandstream IP-Phones. Additional site to site integration is to follow in the next phases. Here some pictures of having Fun at work 🙂

First Table Row is full… we need more space….



Daniel the Unpack Monster… he currently holds the new world record of unpacking and assembling the  Grandstream GXP1405 IP Phones with 14.8 Seconds… (to be certified by Grandstream)



another row of phones… and we are looking for more space again… was fun Boys…