Xen Server 6.5 SP1 Supplemental Pack Install Fix (Dell OMSA 8.1)

“or why you should not let programmer answer simple questions”

when you try to install the OMSA or Dell OpenManage Server Administrator on your updated xen 6.5 SP1 server you will get an error message


[root@xen ~]# /opt/xensource/bin/xe-install-supplemental-pack /tmp/OM-SrvAdmin-Dell-Web-LX-8.1.1-1583.XenServer65_A00.iso /opt/xensource/bin/xe-install-supplemental-pack: line 50: ./install: No such file or directory

this is also been reported and has been recorded as a bug here: https://bugs.xenserver.org/browse/XSO-325

so within this script someone thought its a great idea to change the name of the install script from install.sh to install and that’s actually it. This rather smart decision made a lot of people loose a lot of time i was even more god smacked when super douche programmer had to explain it in a way no layman ever would understand.

but please read for yourself:

So anyway, I can understand wanting to switch from “install.sh” to just “install”…the problem I have is that it seems strange to willfully break all existing supplemental packs and require them to be rebuilt by the distributor right in the middle you release SP1. Wouldn’t it make more sense to roll this commit forward to the next major/minor release, and in the meantime conditionalize this call in SP1? Something simple like:

if [ -x ./install ]; then
elif [ -x ./install.sh ]; then

How would that be simple without explanation where to put this so fix or how to apply it in the first place that a type of fix that confuses most people and there is a much simpler way of fixing it without the need to apply the if then condition (that by the way does not work also). Here the Simple Fix, and yes you would hav eto do it in the same file the programmer would add his piece of “douche mac getalife” code.

you need to open the command line of your Xen Server server and w need to edit the install script that we use to install the supplemental pack previously.


use nano or vi editor (whatever you prefer, i prefer nano because its simplicity and ease of use) and firstly create a copy of the file as backup:

#cp /opt/xensource/bin/xe-install-supplemental-pack /opt/xensource/bin/xe-install-supplemental-pack.bak

then open the file with a text editor like nano or vi

#nano /opt/xensource/bin/xe-install-supplemental-pack

scroll down until the end of the of the script (the last 4 lines)

mount -o loop,ro “$iso” “$tempdir”

pushd “$tempdir” >/dev/null



here you just add the missing .sh to the ./install

mount -o loop,ro “$iso” “$tempdir”

pushd “$tempdir” >/dev/null



it has to look like this in the end, easy isnt it? no crazy if’s and then’s
safe the script and now you will be able to execute it and install the file as you are used to.
i recommend highly recommend to restore the file back as it was after you have setup the OMSA supplemental pack

# mv /opt/xensource/bin/xe-install-supplemental-pack.bak /opt/xensource/bin/xe-install-supplemental-pack

and that’s all folks

well i leave you with a video of the late Great Comedian George Carlin with his list of people ought to be killed